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Sailor My Sailor Days

Skiing near Seattle Skiing

Windsurfing Windsurfing

Me and My Toy My Toy

My Truck Me and My Truck (Chevy, of course)

P.I. License License

Monkey Me and my Buddy (Thailand)

Me at KoleKole (Hawaii) Hawaii

Group Philippines (Olongapo)

Man in Black (Puget Sound) Black

Badge Work ID photo (bad)

Self Portrait Portrait

Shipboard Me on the Ship

Goofy... Goofy

Cool Guys Me and the Boys..(pre-tattoos)

Me, Bill and Sandy-San Diego Eating

Pole Me climbing...

On the tour boat (Thailand) Thailand

Tattoo Self Designed Body Work

Chaz, Terri, Kerri and Me The Gang

Kerri Me and Kerri

Me and Robin Robin

P.I. In the Philippines...

Hangin' out in the Head Sailors

bar scene Taking over P.I.

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