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People always ask me, "Do you have a web page?" I of course tell them that, "Yes, I have many. Most of which were designed by me for other people or businesses." Then they ask, "Why don't you have one of your own?" I never really stopped to think about it much, and always thought that "Personal Webspaces" were a waste of time, effort and completely and utterly vain. I have never been a vain person, and tended to draw attention away from myself instead of towards it. Then I came to the realization that this may actually help people get to know me better than a few thousand words of type. So here it is, not complete by a long shot, and probably never will be, but it will give you an idea as to at least what I look like. I would tell you to enjoy yourself, but that would make me even more vain... So all I can tell you is that I hope that you get what you wanted out of this, and if you didn't, then I hope that someday you will...

Robert J. Hoppe
May 17, 1998

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