~Cherokee Rose~
21 Ft. Clipper Sloop

Veteran's Day                                    Christmas

15 foot Sailing Dinghy
Hand Built by me
out of Plywood, Fiberglass
and Lots of Patience!!

In case you hadn't noticed by now, I really love the water. From the 6 years that I spent in the Navy, to my first dip in the Pacific ocean from the shores of Oahu in Hawaii at the age of 10. I have always loved the calm, peaceful, and seductive look feel and smell of the water. I used to snorkel, and dive (briefly) to see what was below the water, and now I just love looking at it either from the shore when I am with someone close to me, or share the feel of it from one of my boats. There is nothing like it in the world, and I still fall in love with it everytime I see it. Whether it be an Ocean, lake, river or even a large bubble bath shared with a close, personal friend... :)
I love the water...

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